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Example: add water density
In this example, water density as function of temperature which was measured at 1atm, are added to the system.
  Step 1. Add your own water: Click Add data>Material property>Step 1:Material,
then Click material in Tree View, and click "Add" button above the tree view, now the submit button is enabled and you can type 
  Water(l) as name;
  H2O as formula (optional input);
  add website URL that is related to process the distill water (optional input)
  add reference of the publication (optional input)
Click submit, then Water(l) appears on your material tree view

Add user material
Figure 1. Add material property Step 1: Add user's material

Another way to add water is finding water in system. This is prefered method if you can find your material in the system. This method is also described here.

  Step 2: Add test water density method:  Click Add data>Material property>Step 2: Test method, or just click link:  Go to Step 2. Select Water(l) node in the tree view, then click "Add" button, the submit button is enabled. You can type:
  Density as property name; select absolute for precision; type  kg/m^3 as unit
  Select temperature as dependence;   type C as unit for temperature
  Select Pressure as "at constant condition"; type atm as unit; give 1 as value for test condition at 1 atm 
  Give web site related to how to measure the property
  Type comments or reference
Click submit, the density is then added to property tree view.   

Figure 2. Add material property Step 2: Add property measurement

  Step 3. Add property values by upload file:  Click Add data>Material property>Step 3: Property value, or just click link:  Go to Step 3. Select Density of Water(l) node in the tree view, then select Load data, the file upload is then shown. I have text data saved as "water density.txt". They are save as  x,y format with x as temperature, y as desnity. Each set of x,y is one line. The following is my data in the file.
After clicking upload, a mesage tells that it is uploaded.

     :Add water density values
Figure 3. Add material property Step 3: Load property value file

Another way to add your water density value is adding them one by one as described here.