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Example: Convert concentration unit

This example is to convert acetic acid water solution from wt% unit to mol%.

In main menu Click Popular services>Biotech/chemistry, then click Convert concentration in tools.  Then choose original concentration unit, target concentration unit, and give temperature for density calculation.
There are two options to add solvent input. In this case, default from system is used.  Click Solvent or CAS Number to order the list of the solvent. Find water and click select.
For solute acetic acid,  input MW=60.05g/mol. The density input is optional.  Input its value 1.04443g/ml.  

Figure 1. Setup convert concentration unit

Click next step button to calculation page. I want to see the concentration of pure acetic acid (100%) and 1%  in other units. Input concentration input, give 100 and click calculator button.
In 2nd case, then gives 1 and click calculator. 
Now, I want to see the effect of acetic acid volume. In most of text book, it uses assumption of solute volume is zero.  Input concentration  1, and click trivial solute volume value (input at figure 2, the resuls are on 3rd row). Click calculator button. It does give slight different volumetric concentration value from previous case.