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Example: dilute concentrated NaCl-water solution in mol/L
In main menu Click  Popular services>Dilute solution, then choose concentration mol/L, temperature at 25C. It is optional to input solvent and solute information.  Adding solvent and solute information can help user keep record at next step. 

Then choose method to add water solvent information from system (see figure 1) or add my solvent (see figure 2).     

Figure 1. Choose solvent water from system.

Figure 2. Add solvent water by user.

Click Dilute solution button to next step. The user can input target concentration say 0.1 mol/L, concentrated solution concentration say 1 mol/L,  and solvent water volume,say 1000ml (see figure 3). Then click calculate button to get solvent volume, concentrted solution volume, diluted solution volume.  User may use concentrated solution volume as input (see figure 4) or final diluted solution volume as input (see figure 5) to calculate rest information.  Currently, the system does not consider solute effect to solution volume.  

  Figure 3. Add solvent volume to run dilution calculator.

Figure 4. Add concentrated solution volume to run dilution calculator

Figure 5. Add final solution volume to run dilution calculator