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Example: Make pH buffer calculation: (see other examples: calculate buffer pH,adjust pH of buffer)

This example is to make CH3COONa/CH3COOH buffer from CH3COONa solution and H2SO4 acid. In this example, it is H2SO4 acid used to show user how to consider reaction involved.
In main menu Click Popular services>Biotech/chemistry, then click pH buffer calculator.  Then give temperature of the buffer.
Choose initial state as Buffer base (liquid).  There are two options of add chemical for this initial state.  For our case, we choose add chemical to convert base to acid because H2SO4 can react with CH3COONa to produce acetic acid.
Give pKa value=4.76 of the buffer. Give consume base mole ratio as 2 because one mole H2SO4 consumes 2 mole base CH3COONa and produces acid. 

Figure 1. Set up make pH buffer
Then click Next step button to reach calculation page.

At calculation page, give initial concentration of CH3COONa base, and its volume,  adding H2SO4 concentration and volume.  Click calculate button to obtain pH value, and final concentrations of acid and base.

Figure 2. Make pH buffer calculation