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Properties of Conductors at Room Temperature
Name Resistivity a (ohm cm ) Work function (eV) Thermal conductivity b  (W cm C) Specific heat b (cal/g C) Coeff of linear expension b(C-1)
Silver, Ag 1.58710-6 4.26 4.27 0.057 19x10-6
Copper, Cu 1.678x10-6 4.65 3.98 0.092 16.6x10-6
Gold, Au 2.44x10-6 5.1 3.15 0.031 14.2x10-6
Aluminium, Al 2.65x10-6 4.28 2.37 0.215 25x10-6
Tungsten, W 5.6x10-6 4.55 1.78 0.032 13x10-6
Nickel, Ni 6.03x10-6 5.15 0.899 0.106 13x10-6
Cobalt, Co 6.24x10-6 5.0 0.69 0.10 12x10-6
Platinum, Pt 10.6x10-6 5.65 0.73 0.032 9x10-6
Cromium, Cr 12.9x10-6  c 4.5 0.91 0.11 6x10-6
Tantalum 13x10-6 4.25 0.41 0.03 6.5x10-6
Titanium, Ti 42x10-6 4.33 0.2 0.125 8.5x10-6
Graphite, C 1375x10-6 5.0

 Reference: Data is from CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 71st Edition, David R. Lide
 a: at temperature=20C.
 b: at temperature=25C.
 c: at temperature= 0C.
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