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Properties of Dielectric Material at 300K
Properties SiO2 Si3N4
Structure Amorphouse Amorphouse
Melting point (C) ~1600
Density (g/cm^3) 2.2 3.1
Refractive index 1.46 2.05
Dielectric constant 3.9 7.5
Dielectric strength (V/cm) 1E7 1E7
Energy gap (eV) 9 ~5
Infrared absotption band (um) 9.3
Thermal expansion coefficient (/C) 5E-7
Thermal conductivity (W/cm-K) 0.014
dc resistivity (ohm-cm) at 25C 1E14 to 1E16 1E14
Etch rate in buffered HF (A/min) 1000 5 to 10

References: Physics of semicondcutor Devices, S.M. Sze, 2nd Edition;

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