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e.g. material data:  water density; e.g. constant:  Light speed km/s 
10 new data
Material: Property vs DependenceRankPopularity (%)Update date
   Hafnium oxide, HfO2: Ea=0.57 to 0.66 vs concentration=0.5 to 1.97  102/22/2013
   Hafnium oxide, HfO2: Thermal conductivity=0.76 to 0.76W/K.m vs Temperature=300 to 500K  104/11/2011
   Yttria stabilized zirconia, YSZ, Zr1-xYxO2-x/2: Dielectric constant=10.38 to 24.1 vs Power=80 to 200W  104/11/2011
   Zirconium Oxide, ZrO2: Dielectric constant=7.29 to 23.35 vs Power=80 to 200W  104/11/2011
   Hafnium Aluminium Oxide, (HfO2)x(Al2O3)(1-x): Conduction Band Ec=1.91 to 2.37eV vs x=0 to 1  104/08/2011
   Hafnium Aluminium Oxide, (HfO2)x(Al2O3)(1-x): Valence Band Ev=2.22 to 3.03eV vs x=0 to 1  104/08/2011
   Hafnium Aluminium Oxide, (HfO2)x(Al2O3)(1-x): Band gap=5.25 to 6.52eV vs x=0 to 1  104/08/2011
   Hafnium oxide, HfO2: Dielectric constant=22.1 vs Temperature=298K  104/06/2011
   Hafnium oxide, HfO2: Dielectric constant=21.5 vs Temperature=298K  104/06/2011
   Titanium Nitride, TiN: Hall constant=-6.7e+11m^3/K vs Temperature=298K  103/31/2011

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